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  • Red Rock Country: Sedona

    The colorful collection of buttes, pinnacles, mesas and canyons surrounding Sedona is famous the world around for its red rock vistas. Over the years, this area has served as the setting of many western novels and movies and has been the subject of uncounted paintings, photographs and other works of art. The remains of ancient wetlands, these crimson cliffs have been carved by the forces of the desert into one of nature's most magnificent masterpieces.

    There are two Wilderness Areas encompassing much of Red Rock Country's phenomenal landscape: Munds Mountain Wilderness and Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness. Mechanized equipment, including bikes and unmanned aircraft, are prohibited in these wild and natural areas, providing opportunities to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Sedona area backcountry.

    No matter what you do in Red Rock Country, you're always sightseeing. Ways to get even closer to all this scenery include: hiking, horseback riding, taking a scenic drive, sliding down a natural waterslide, picnicking, camping, taking lots of photos and fishing in Oak Creek. The Red Rock District includes some 160,000 acres of magnificent splendor.  Some areas require a pass to park, so be sure to check out the information about our Red Rock Pass Program.

    At a glance

    • Red Rock Country surrounds the city of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek, and extends up Oak Creek Canyon.
    • There are two Wilderness Areas: Munds Mountain Wilderness and Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness.
    • The area was once home to the Sinagua people. Honanki, Palatki, and V Bar V Heritage Sites preserve the homes and rock art these ancient people left behind.

    Rules & Restrictions

    • A Red Rock Pass is required to park at many trailheads and day use areas in Red Rock Country. 
    • Camping is only allowed in developed campgrounds.
    • Mechanized equipment, including bikes and remote-control aircraft, are prohibited in Wilderness Areas.
    • Unauthorized flights of drones and remote-control aircraft are prohibited within five miles of the Sedona airport. This No Drone Zone includes most of the Red Rock Country area.
    • Electric bikes are only allowed on roads where motorized vehicles are permitted. Electric bikes may not be ridden on trails open to unpowered bikes.

    What's nearby

    Red Rock Country map